Define YAYWORLD in 50 words or less and win $500!

We're looking for a succinct and persuasive definition of YAYWORLD.  Something that sums up YAYWORLD in 50 words or less, as seen through your eyes and your experience. (​Deadline August 31st, 2018.)

This is our boring definition: 

"YAYWORLD is a tech-enabled platform business that functions as an intermediary between the demand for and the supply of creative content. An end-to-end solution for sourcing and paying content creators and a digital media network for businesses to market and advertise their brand online." 


POST 1:   Publishing your first post

  1. Use the pink CREATE button at the top of any page to register. Membership is free.
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Click NEW POST in the drop menu and pick a topic that suits your post. 
  4. Select a country and choose a website that's relevant to your post.
  5. Load an image or video.
  6. Write a post or use images or a video or all three if you prefer. Don't use stock or copied images.
  7. Preview and publish your post.

POST 2:  Publishing a SPONSORED post
(We've set $20 as an example for the competition, but you can ask any fee you want from your own sponsors.) 

  1. When you've published your first post on YAYWORLD, go to SUPPORT, enter Sponsored Post in the subject line and send us a link to your published post.
  2. After receiving a reply from support, click NEW POST and select the green YES button.
  3. Select a topic and website for your 2nd post.
  4. Enter the sponsor email we sent you.
  5. Select a deadline.
  6. Enter $20 as the fee. Click SEND(Note: You can set your own fees with your own sponsors.) 
  7. You'll receive a confirmation that the job is live.
  8. Start creating your post.

Once your 2nd (SPONSORED) post is published, you’re ready to win $500.

After your 2nd post is published, go to SUPPORT, enter 'COMPETITION' in the subject field and sum up YAYWORLD in 50 words or less. The best definition will win $500 and will be used across all our marketing material.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the same email address you use to login so we know it’s you. 

Now you've used YAYWORLD and know how it works, we're certain you can beat our boring definition!