How to Make Money Creating Content

First, register using the pink CREATE button above. Use either a social media account or email to sign up. If you use email you'll need to verify your identity before creating a profile by connecting to a social media account that uses the exact same name and email you used to sign up.


A link to your profile will display above every post you publish, so the more information you provide, the better.

  1. SOME FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF - where you are, where you've been, what languages you speak and what you love to write about.
  2. GROW YOUR AUDIENCE by including links to your website and social media pages on your profile.
  3. AUTO-POSTING enables you to publish your content across all your social accounts, adding value to your posts and encouraging Sponsors (businesses) to pay more because they're reaching a wider audience.
  4. PUBLISH ONE POST and select a payout method. An INVITE link will now display on all your posts and your profile page. Sponsors (a.k.a. businesses), use this link to invite you to create content.


This is where you select how you want to be paid. You cannot select a payout method without first publishing one regular (non-sponsored) post. Payout to content creators with a US bank account is provided by Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal and paid either to a Venmo or checking account. Payout to bank accounts in Europe and Asia is provided by Stripe, a US technology company that pays funds to a checking account. YAYWORLD does not store any financial details or process any financial transactions. All payments and payouts are handled by the above financial gateways.


Once you've completed your profile, select NEW POST from the drop menu below your icon in the top right corner and follow the instructions on each pop-up.

  1. SPONSORED OR REGULAR POST? - You can publish regular posts anytime, but you can't create a sponsored post until you've published one of your own posts and selected a payout method. See how to create a sponsored post below.
  2. TOPIC - Select a topic so your post displays in that section of the website. This ensures your audience is interested in your subject matter.
  3. COUNTRY - Select a country to ensure your content is posted to the most relevant website. If your subject is broad then choose your own city or country. Select from 440 websites.
  4. SPONSOR DETAILS, FEE & DEADLINE - If your post is sponsored and you're the one initiating the job, you must ensure your sponsor is registered with YAYWORLD and provide the sponsor's email in the NEW POST pop-up so we can link their payment to your account. 

    On the same pop-up enter your fee for creating a post and a deadline. The post details will be sent to the sponsor. You can then negotiate fees and deadlines with the sponsor via your dashboard in a safe and secure environment designed to minimize fraud and ensure you are paid the moment the post is published. If the sponsor is initiating a job, they must use the INVITE link that display on your profile or any of your posts.


Select NEW POST from the drop menu below your icon and click the green SPONSORED button on the first pop-up and follow instructions.  You need to provide the email the sponsor used to register on YAYWORLD, a deadline date and your writing fee. See the video below for details.

When your draft is finished and you're ready to publish your post, click the green READY TO PUBLISH button. A message is sent to the sponsor asking them to review the post. The sponsor can either request edits or publish the post. Only the sponsor can publish a sponsored post. The moment the sponsor clicks the PUBLISH button, the post is published and your fee is transferred to your VENMO or bank account. You're paid the moment the post is published. Funds display in your VENMO or bank account within 48 hours. 

Here's a video to help.


You can load videos or images in the feature block - the block that appears above your story. The body of your post can also contain images and video links, plus subheadings and numbered lists. You can preview your post anytime before publishing by clicking the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the post editor page. The PUBLISH button is displayed on the PREVIEW page.  IMPORTANT: Check your content carefully before publishing. We review every post published and will delete any containing inappropriate content. Read the FAQ page for details (visible to registered users only) to avoid your account being suspended. The video below shows how to edit text and create subheadings.

Editing Text And Creating Subheadings

Editing & Resizing Images


*Note: The platform is designed for writers to work directly with businesses. That means you decide what to charge for content. You set your own rate and the business pays the amount agreed between you. Fee negotiations, writing, posting and payment are all automated. However, sourcing sponsors and businesses that are looking for content marketing is your responsibility.