Monetize Your Content

OPTION 1 - MICRO INFLUENCERS -  Set Your Own Fees  (USA, Europe & Asia only)

YAYWORLD is designed for micro influencers to create a fee-based relationship with local businesses. Content creators work directly with brands. Fee negotiation, content creation, posting and payment are automated processes handled by the platform, but because it's you that finds the business you want to write about, it's YOU who decides what to charge for content.

Unlike standard freelance platforms, you're paid the instant your content is published - no waiting 14+ days. And to ensure that you're paid, YAYWORLD verifies the sponsor's credit card before any job is opened. When your content is published, your fee is deducted from the sponsor's account and transferred to either your Venmo or your bank account. Whatever Influencer marketing campaign you create, it is entirely driven and controlled by you. More details on payout methods here.

OPTION 2 - AFFILIATE MARKETERS -  Earn Commissions  (Global - launches 03/2020)

YAYWORLD is partnering with Affiliate Marketing platforms worldwide so you can choose programs that suit you. When you join an Affiliate program, you select the products that you want to test, review, promote or sell. The seller then provides you a unique affiliate code that you use in your YAYWORLD content to refer traffic to their website. If an interested visitor purchases a product or subscribes to their service, you earn a commission.

Unlike our Micro Influencer program above, affiliate marketers are paid by the marketing company. Different affiliate programs offer different payment terms. For example:

  • Pay per Sale: The merchant pays you a percentage of the sale price when a purchase is completed.
  • Pay per Click: You're paid based on the number of visitors you redirect to the seller’s website from your page, whether or not a purchase is made.


  • No need to host a website
  • No need to use YouTube to host your videos
  • No need to worry about SEO
  • No need to verify a business or chase payment
  • No need to post to individual social media accounts


Posts are published to a YAYWORLD website that matches the location of the business. Why? Because each website contains content that is relevant to that location, and so Google and other search engines consider your content an authority on that topic and location, and ranks your content higher in organic search results.