The US has the highest college fees in the world and the most college debt. In 2018, 69% of US college students took out college loans and graduated with a median debt of $42,000. The Federal Reserve estimates that 1 in 4 adults aged 20-30 is paying on average $400 per month to reimburse their college loan and that college debt in the US is higher than both credit card debt and auto loans.

I discovered this when my son’s graduation class came to visit us in Asia. None had secured jobs due to the “you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience” syndrome. And each of them wondered how they would pay off their college loans.

This may seem off topic, but stay with me.

Bricks and mortar “mom and pop” small businesses are the backbone of every economy, and most have fewer than 20 employees. And no matter where in the world they're located, they all face the same challenge - competition. They know they need marketing to grow their business, but don’t consider hiring a marketing expert financially or logistically feasible, because marketing is expensive and most Internet users ignore online ads.

That's why content and video created by micro influencers ensures small businesses reach new customers at an affordable price.

YAYWORLD connects young adults with writing, video and social media skills to small business owners that have neither the time, skills or big budgets needed to promote their own business. Our network of 441 websites spans 95 countries, meaning businesses in 95 countries can source and pay local or international content creators to market their brand online. If you're tech savvy, love writing, enjoy creating videos and are active on social media, then you can earn money creating content for local  businesses - no matter where you live or travel.

Using YAYWORLD, content creators can also invite businesses they like and personally know, to sponsor their content. After all, customers are the best people to promote a business!

You're the audience small businesses are trying to reach. Let them know who you are and what you can do. Build a client base and become your own boss in the process. Because you have the power to do it.

Colette Bellier
Founder & CEO