YAYWORLD is a free blogging platform developed to help small businesses target their audience, and content creators earn money from their creative skills.

Every post and video published on a YAYWORLD website (there are 441 of them!), showcases small businesses and their products, to local customers. They also showcase the content creator, who often is also a customer that values the business enough to write about it, because they love what the business does and want to see it succeed. Who better to write about a product or brand?

  • Create and publish sponsored content for local businesses.
  • Showcase your writing & marketing skills on local websites across 95 countries.
  • Earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.
  • Or write just because you love it, and build your portfolio in the process!

Small businesses are the backbone of every economy, and no matter where in the world they're located, they all face the same challenge - competition. That's why they need imaginative, creative individuals like you to help market their brand. If you're tech savvy, love writing, enjoy creating videos and are active on social media, then you can earn money creating content for brands and small businesses. No matter where you live or travel.