Why Create Content?

Reading and writing are the most valuable assets you own, even though they may not be those you appreciate the most today. Literacy is a privilege, not a right. And writing empowers you by giving you a voice - so don't waste it.

Earn money

Wherever you are, you're surrounded by people, organizations and brands that want to succeed. Often all they need is an opportunity to tell the world who they are, what they do and where they can be found. You represent that opportunity.

Combine your creative and social media skills with our technology to earn extra cash and a reliable source of income. The benefits of posting stories and videos on a YAYWORLD website (there are 435 of them) include the following:       

  •  No need to chase sponsors for payment  - you're paid the moment a post is published.
  •  No need to spend time posting to individual social accounts  - you can auto-post across your social network.
  •  No need to spend money promoting your work.
  •  No need to host a website.       
  •  No need to worry about internet security.
  •  No need to worry about SEO or CDN (content delivery networks)

Empower others

For some individuals success is defined by monetary reward. For others it's simply being validated or having a positive impact on others. Neither is possible without collaboration. Use your creative skills to support and promote a local business, entrepreneur, visionary or dreamer. You have the power to make a difference. Use it.