Why Create Content?

YAYWORLD focuses on connecting content creators with small businesses. We're inviting you to write about a small business, brand or product you've personally bought, used and really like. It's great if the product or business are located where you live, but they don't have to be. You can write about businesses you discovered while traveling or buying online. You can even write about brands and products sold on Shopify and BigCommerce.

How to find Small Businesses using Shopify & Bigcommerce

  • BUSINESSES IN THE USA -  type keyword 'city, state' site:myshopify.com in the search bar of Google. For example, clothing 'san jose, california' site:myshopify.com. This will list all Shopify businesses that sell those products in that city. Leave out the product keyword, and enter only a location for a list of all Shopify (or BigCommerce) businesses in that city.
  • BUSINESSES WORLDWIDE  -  type keyword 'city, country' site:myshopify.com. For example, crafts 'london, uk' site:myshopify.com. Leave out the product keyword for a list of all businesses in that city.

Why is Guest Blogging important?

Guest blogging is important for SEO (search engine optimization). Being referenced on reputable, quality sites is a big factor in how search engines rank your own blog, website or portfolio. Guest blogging is also about building relationships. By guest posting and getting to know people, you indirectly increase your influence in the social media world.

You don’t need a blog or website to post on YAYWORLD

Every post you publish on YAYWORLD will link back to your profile and help you rank higher in search results, regardless of whether or not you have your own blog or website. And it's completely free.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register on YAYWORLD and create a profile that tells a little about you, and includes links to your blog (if you have one) or social media pages. 
  • When you’re ready to create a post, select the YAYWORLD website and topic that best matches your content. 
  • You can add video and images to your post. And if you’re creating marketing content for an advertiser, you can also add buttons for deep links to the advertiser's landing page.
  • Check how your content performs by monitoring statistics in your dashboard.  See where users are located, how many visit your post,  and how many click your profile, and visit your blog or social media pages.