Why Sponsor Content?

Customers love to research. The more they know about a product or brand, the more comfortable they are buying it. The more information you provide, the more a customer will trust your brand, and the more other people and websites talk about your product or service, the more confident customers will be about buying or using your brand.

Why are Content Creators important to you?

Today consumers have more faith in content creators than celebrities. Any content created to promote your brand or event is valuable, but on its own, lacks the social proof needed for exposure and attention.

Content creators, sometimes also called micro influencers, are extremely cost-effective for small businesses or brands that are looking to activate a marketing campaign, but can't invest a large sum of money. Content creators charge as little as $50 per post, and brands regularly see a better return for their investment when compared to a campaign that engages a handful of top-tier influencers.

When you sponsor a content creator you leverage their love of social media to grow and strengthen a relationship with your brand, and so expand your brand loyalty. 

Why Collaborate with Content Creators?

Sponsoring a post is a powerful way for a company to gain credibility because content creators who share their post across their social network validate the business as a credible service or organization. Content creation is not just a way to share thoughts, opinions and ideas, it’s a way to develop a community, grow a loyal fan base and build a brand. Here's why.

  • They know your target market and help you reach it
  • They promote your company via their social media
  • They tell your story and work as personal recommenders
  • They start a conversation
  • They drive traffic to your site
  • They drive sales

How do Content Creators help you?

Relevant content ensures search engines match your post with intent-driven search queries - but creating content takes time and as a business owner you probably have other priorities. Here's how content creators help:

  • TIME IS SCARCE - Even if you enjoy creating content, it might not be the best use of your time.
  • AN OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE - You might struggle with finding the right words to describe your own business.
  • NO RISK - Content creators work on a per post basis and only you, the sponsor, can PUBLISH the post. You can then request edits and revisions or publish the post at the click of a button. And unlike a blog, the content creator can't delete or edit content once it's published.
  • YOUR BUSINESS DETAILS ARE DISPLAYED UNDER EACH POST - Your logo, address, hours, phone number, directions, website and links to your social media pages are displayed under every post. You can opt to hide these details if you prefer. 
  • GOOGLE LOVES FRESH CONTENT - Google ranks websites with fresh, relevant content higher in search results. Websites must contain new content on a regular basis or they sink in relevance on Google. Our sites are constantly updated with new content.
  • BACKLINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE ARE IMPORTANT - The block containing your business details that displays under every post you publish, also has inbound links to your company website. These links help push your website higher in search results. Why? Because Google considers 'authority' sites provide quality information relating to a user’s search query and so ranks them higher in organic search results. So when Google finds links from YAYWORLD to your website, it knows your website is useful to readers. 

Use the talent of a content creator to let the world know where you are, what you do and how to find you!