Why Sponsor Content?

Because you need help promoting your business or organization - and because by sponsoring a content creator you're also supporting our youth. You empower them by valuing their work and they empower you by being your voice. You help each other through collaboration.

What is sponsored content?

Sponsored content is a form of marketing that focuses on informing an audience rather than convincing them. Its primary purpose is to inform, educate and entertain a reader.

What differentiates a sponsored post from non-sponsored content on YAYWORLD is that a brand or company has paid a content creator to create the post. The brand or business is not reviewed or directly named in the post, but contributes financially to it's creation and is displayed as a sponsor under the post on the same page.  This associates the brand with the post and its content and discloses the fact that the content is sponsored.

Think of Rafael Nadal, the professional tennis champion who is sponsored by Adidas, Peugeot, Head, Uniqlo and Seiko. While he competes around the world, his sponsors get their logo on his shoes, clothes, tennis racquet, wrist watch and tennis court. And yes, he does drive a Peugeot.

How does sponsored content promote your business or organization?

Relevant content ensures search engines match your post with intent-driven search queries. You increase your online presence and expand your audience when you sponsor a Millennial to create the unique and relevant information that Google and other search engines value.

Why are Millennials important to you?

Millennials are the largest generation and they have growing purchasing power, making them one of the most important consumer groups for brands.

  • Technology and social media are an integral part of their lives
  • They enjoy interacting with brands on social media
  • They leverage technology to be heard, using mobile phones and social media as an extension of themselves

Any content created to promote your brand or event  is valuable – but on its own it lacks the social proof needed for exposure and attention. Millennials don’t trust all brand messaging, but they do trust their peers. When you sponsor a Millennial you leverage their love of social media to grow and strengthen a relationship with your brand and so expand your brand loyalty.

Finding the right content creator

For sponsored content to work you need to find the right people to create the content for you. The content you sponsor needs to make sense for your brand. A video showing 12 ways to cook an egg makes perfect sense for a food blogger. So choose a creator with expertise in your market and location, because if your business is located in Seattle and your market is local, then you want a content creator who is familiar with the USA.

Sponsors can search for content creators who have published content about specific topics, covered specific destinations or are based in a specific location using the search in their YAYWORLD account.

Tell your story

Use the talent of a content creator to let everyone know the great things you're doing. Let the world know where you are, what you do and how to find you.