Content Guidelines


You can post videos, images and text.

Be original

Don't publish duplicate content. Duplicate content will be removed and in some cases accounts suspended. Your story will be successful only if what you publish is unique and relevant.


For now, all content must be written in English or the post will be unpublished.

Sponsored or not sponsored?

You cannot be sponsored until you've published at least 1 of your own posts. Sponsors must be registered with YAYWORLD.

Don't write a review about the sponsor

YAYWORLD is not a review website - it's about your experience. Express how you felt when you were there or when you saw it, heard it, used it or tasted it. If you had a good experience then explain why - what was valuable or interesting about your experience. What issue is your sponsor helping to tackle or solve? What impact are they having on society or the local community?

Be passionate

Not every post needs to be sponsored and not every story has to be happy. YAYWORLD was created to give you a voice - if you are passionate about a cause or injustice, then scream about it. Let the world know how you feel. Don't be quiet.

Be ethical

Your name will be associated with the story you tell. Don't lie - you'll get caught. Don't be mean - it'll come back and bite you in the butt. Be sure what you publish is a story you're proud of and not something you wouldn't want your mother to see.

Be grateful

Your sponsor is paying you because they believe in what you can do. Don't let them down.