Content Guidelines

  • CONTENT - Content is about small brands and businesses. Text must be written in English and grammatically correct.
  • 600 MINIMUM WORD COUNT - Posts containing less than 600 words will be flagged as spam and unpublished.
  • IMAGES - Content must contain a minimum of four images. Images must be original or from a brand's website, high quality, and larger than 800 pixels wide. Blurry or small images are not acceptable. No stock images permitted.
  • DUPLICATE CONTENT - Content must be original, not copied, and must not be previously published elsewhere. Note that duplicate content will be unpublished, and in some cases the account suspended.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) - Think of keywords someone might use in their search query to find the product or brand you're writing about, and incorporate them into your headline, description and content. Don’t stuff your content with so many keywords that it becomes difficult to read. Keep content relevant and well written, and Google will love it.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - We promote all posts and the writer who created the content, across our social networks. Use your own  social media to broaden the reach of your posts. Promote  your work by posting across LinkedIn (the best site for promoting your writing skills), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks.
  • BE ETHICAL - Your name is linked to every post you publish. Don't lie - you'll get caught. Don't be mean - it'll come back and bite you in the butt. Be proud of what your write and be sure it's not something you wouldn't want your mother to read.
  • SPONSORED OR NOT SPONSORED? - Blogging is free, but to be sponsored you must have published at least one or more of your own posts. Sponsors must be registered with YAYWORLD.