Content Guidelines

CONTENT- You can post videos, images and text.

IMAGES - We'll post your work on INSTAGRAM if your image or video is good, so use the best images possible. Avoid using stock images.

GEO TARGET YOUR CONTENT - Select the best YAYWORLD website for your post. Are you writing about an event in San Jose, CA? Then post to Are you writing about a business in London, UK? Then post to If content isn't relevant to any specific location then content should be posted on a website that is relevant to the writer, such as the country or state or city where the writer is located.

DUPLICATE CONTENT - Don't post duplicate or copied content. Duplicate content will be removed and in some cases accounts suspended. If your post was originally published elsewhere, then Google will index that website as the primary source of content which dilutes the value of the same content on YAYWORLD, ultimately hurting our search ranking. However, if the content was first published on YAYWORLD and you want to post it on your website, then be sure to add a link back to the page on YAYWORLD. Not adding a link could hurt your website because search engines might confuse it as spam. In general, by including a hyperlink back to the original page on YAYWORLD, you are informing search engines that you are not copying.

SPONSORED OR NOT SPONSORED? - You cannot be sponsored until you've published at least one of your own posts. Sponsors must be registered with YAYWORLD.

FINDING A SPONSOR - Chances are you have friends and family who own or work for a small business. Explain how content marketing works. Explain how links (backlinks) from a guest post on another website to their own website can help them rank higher in Google.  Ask if they'll sponsor your guest post on a YAYWORLD website.

DON'T WRITE A REVIEW - YAYWORLD is not a review website. Create useful, informative content that solves people’s problems or answers their questions. Mention your sponsor as an expert in their field without specifically promoting them. What issue does your sponsor help tackle or solve? What impact are they having on society or the local community? A block containing the sponsor's details will display under your post so readers can contact them directly.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) - Think of what search query you would use to find the product or service your sponsor provides and in which city, and those will be your keywords. Try to include them in the following:

  2. DESCRIPTION - displays below headline.
  3. SUBHEADINGS - use the subhead tool to turn text into a subheading.
  4. 1st PARAGRAPH - in particular the 1st sentence.
  7. ANCHOR TEXT - text that you hyperlink to other websites.
  8. OPTIMIZE IMAGES - use keywords in image name, ie: Karma-Bikes_1_San-Jose.jpg

IMPORTANT: Don’t keyword stuff, meaning don't fill your content with so many keywords that it becomes difficult to read. Keep your content relevant and well written.

WHY LOCATION-BASED SEO MATTERS - Almost all searches are location-based. Google prioritizes relevancy so create content that is 100% relevant to the city in which you are trying to rank. This means using the city/state/country in your headline, description and the first paragraph of your post, as well as in image captions.

DETERMINING WHICH WEBSITE IS RIGHT - We monitor all published content to ensure writers post content relevant to the website they select. Posts about an event, business or issue to do with a specific country, town or area should be published on the website that best matches that location. If content isn't relevant to any specific location then content should be posted on a website that is relevant to the writer, such as the country or state or city where the writer is located. Posts that do not comply with our policies are unpublished.

WHY BACKLINKS MATTER - Backlinks, also known as "inbound links" are links from one website to another. Each backlink is like a "vote of confidence" from one site to another and signals to search engines that others like your content. If many sites link to the same web page or website, then search engines assume the content is important and will rank that page higher in search results.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Use social media to broaden the reach of your posts. Promote your sponsor and your content by auto-posting across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites.

BE PASSIONATE - Not every post needs to be sponsored and not every story has to be happy. YAYWORLD was created to give you a voice - if you are passionate about a cause or injustice, then scream about it. Let the world know how you feel. Don't be quiet.

BE ETHICAL - Your name will be associated with the story you tell. Don't lie - you'll get caught. Don't be mean - it'll come back and bite you in the butt. Be sure what you publish is a story you're proud of and not something you wouldn't want your mother to see!

BE GRATEFUL - Your sponsor is paying you because they believe in what you can do. Don't let them down.