Sponsor Guidelines

What is a sponsored post?    

The purpose of sponsored content is to reach, engage and convert new customers by providing them useful information about your brand, market or organization. To catch people's attention, you need to be connected to content that people actually want to read.

Don't make the post only about you

YAYWORLD is not a review website, so don't expect a review about your business. Instead, find a content creator to write about the issues that you're helping to tackle or solve and what makes you stand out. How are you different and why? How are you impacting on society and your local community? The best posts are those that spur dialogue, create new relationships and produce a solid interest in a brand or business.

Be truthful

Be truthful about what you do. Be honest and be credible. You'll get more business by building brand loyalty than you will misleading your clients. Don't ruin your reputation by misleading a content creator or their readers.

Be generous

Your content creator will work hard to achieve your goals because they know a good job leads to more work. So don't just be generous with your money. Validate and appreciate their work and let them know they've done a good job.