Create a Sponsored Post

Select NEW POST from the drop menu below your icon and follow the instructions on each pop-up.

  1. Click the green SPONSORED button on the first pop-up.
  2. TOPIC - Select the topic section that is most suitable for your post. This ensures your audience is interested in your subject matter.
  3. COUNTRY - Select a country to ensure your content is posted to the most relevant website. If you're in the USA you'll need to also select a state. If your subject is broad then choose your own city or country.
  4. WEBSITE - Next, choose the best website for the country or state you selected. City websites tend to rank higher in Google search results.
  5. SPONSOR DETAILS - If you're the one initiating the job, you must ensure your sponsor is registered with YAYWORLD and provide the email the sponsor used when they registered. This is so the platform can link payouts to your account.
  6. FEE & DEADLINE - On the same pop-up, enter your fee for creating a post and a deadline. The job details will be sent to the sponsor. You can then negotiate fees and deadlines with the sponsor via your dashboard in a safe and secure environment to ensure you're paid the moment the post is published. If the company is initiating a job, they must use the INVITE link that displays on your profile and your posts.
  7. READY TO PUBLISH - When you're ready to publish your post, click the green READY TO PUBLISH button on the PREVIEW page. The sponsor will be notified the post is ready for review. They can then either publish the post or request edits. Only the sponsor can publish a sponsored post. 
  8. PAYMENT - The moment the sponsor clicks the PUBLISH button, the post is published and your payment is transferred to your Venmo or bank account. Funds will display in your Venmo or bank account within 48 hours. See the video below for more details.

We review every post published and will delete any post containing inappropriate content. Read CONTENT GUIDELINES for help with content and the FAQ page for more details.

Watch this video to know more about creating a sponsored post.


*Note: The platform is designed for writers to work directly with businesses. That means you decide what to charge for content. You set your own rate and the business pays the amount agreed between you. Fee negotiations, writing, posting and payment are all automated. (Note: writers must find businesses to sponsor them.)