How Content Creators are Paid


Fees for creating content are agreed to between you and the business before you commence work. The ACCOUNT page is where you select how you want to be paid for sponsored content. You won't be able select a payout method without publishing at least one non-sponsored post. (Sorry, but it's how we make sure you're legit!)

Payouts to content creators are processed by the payment gateways listed below, depending on the location of your bank. Content creators are paid the instant a sponsored post is published. Funds typically show up in your Venmo or bank account within 48 hours. (It's not us! It's the banks. They still do things the old way.)

  • USA BANK ACCOUNTS: Payout to content creators with a US bank account is processed by Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal and paid either to a Venmo or a checking account.
  • EUROPE, HONG KONG, SINGAPORE & AUSTRALIA BANK ACCOUNTS: Payout to bank accounts in Europe and Asia is processed by Stripe, a US technology company that pays funds to a checking account.

IMPORTANT: YAYWORLD does not store any financial details or process any financial transactions. All payments and payouts are handled by the financial gateways above.


Unlike payment for sponsored content above, payouts for Affiliate Marketing programs are not limited to specific countries. The marketing companies we've partnered with have a global presence, meaning content creators can be located and paid anywhere in the world.

Affiliate Marketing is based on a pay-for-performance model. This means brands only pay for actual results - whether those are clicks, sign ups or purchases. Each Affiliate Marketing company offers different payment terms, but most on average pay every month. You'll be paid by the Affiliate Marketing companies you choose to work with, not by YAYWORLD. That's why you'll be redirected to their websites where you'll be asked to provide your details.